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About P4X

Welcome to the Website

This site was originally put online to offer access to Forex trading training materials, and help new traders gain a successful foothold into the Forex market. With recent suggestions and requests, P4X will also offer information on commodities trading, stock trading, and options.

This site is owned and operated by a single individual. I began studying commodities trading in about 2000 AD, with a 28k dial-up line. I have spent most of that time learning and trading mainly using Technical Analysis, and entered the Forex Market in about 2002. Though reports, timing, and different fundamental news affect commodity futures and forex in their own way, I've found basic technical analysis to apply the same way to any charted trade. Once you find yourself a series of indicators that will work syergistically, and support each other to verify the quality of a profitable trade, the same method of analysis will work for commodities, forex, and stock trading.

Option strategies for commodities and stocks also follow the same patterns for either instrument. Neutral is neutral, and a spread is a spread. Stocks can be a little more volatile, because those pesky humans get involved. I have studied and executed technical option trades, and will pass on those strategies as well.

I enjoy commodity trading greatly; its hard to resist a good rise in sugar, or anything else I can touch and actually trade on. But at this time I am focusing mainly on forex, when I get the time. Website building is fun, but very time consuming.

I don't believe I have the expertise to write a top-level course myself right now, but will add reviews and articles as I learn new tricks to pass on. Any products offered on Precise4xSuccess will now be personally selected, or very well received by real traders. The free Rapid Forex book is still available for download, but I no longer have contact with the owners, and public reviews are not very good.

New verified training will be offered very soon, and I guarantee I will make sure its all worth the while and time spent. Most updates will be on the blog, because its faster and easier. So come back often to check up on the progress of P4X, and I hope we can educate you too in this fascinating (and lucrative) occupation of trading. If there is anything I can help you with, please don't hesitate to drop me an email at precision at precise4xsuccess. com.

Good day!

Kelly Archibald
O/O Precise 4x Success

Integrity begets Quality

Is the motto I will strive to maintain.

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